Vinti Andrews Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

December 28, 2013

In January 2014 Vinti Andrews will be releasing their new collection, a collection that pushes the boundaries in menswear and brings mens’ fashion into a new realm of innovation. Vinti Andrews has created pieces that are clearly aimed to be worn by the brave, with lux looking velvet tees and shorts in rich shades of black and silver and cool digitally printed shorts in fantastic abstract patterns that are stand out pieces in this collection.

A versatile array of jackets feature in this new collection, from bomber jackets to cool ‘hybrid’ denim jackets. Sequines, abstract digital prints and camo print give the jackets a diverse aesthetic that will appeal to many a wide range of people.

With a truly creative range of clothing, the collection features a great use of batik, a fantastic fusion of colours and prints, unusual use of materials in abstract and innovative ways, and a brave redefinition of masculinity shown through their high-waisted Sailor Tailor shorts.

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Words by Akeil Onwukwe-adamson

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