The New York Times interview Common Projects

October 6, 2015

A rare interview with the creative masterminds behind Common Projects.


Common Projects duo Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami open up, for the first time, to “The New York Times” about their grossly popular footwear venture, and it’s no surprise that we are only hearing from them now, as the notoriously media-shy creatives explain that, “we rarely tell anyone we just met what we do.” The co-founders slash designers of our favourite minimalist sneaker label have achieved magnificent feats over the past few years, being carried by over 200 retailers worldwide without having any sort of marketing or advertising made to its name. “We try to stay quiet and let the brand speak for itself,” says Girolami, and that’s exactly what they have done with their understated, sleek and contemporary silhouettes that effortlessly meld into our wardrobes. Although they have left very much to the imagination in regards to their project, the creative pair have graced us with a rare interview. Read the entire piece on the publication’s website.

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