Billionaire Boys Club: Holidays 2015 by Olivia Rose

December 11, 2015

Olivia Rose shot the Billionaire Boys Club for their Holidays collection.


London photographer Olivia Rose used her Bermudan descents to set the decor and atmosphere of her new photoshoot. For Billionaire Boys Club, the artist strolled along her grandmother’s hometown and pictured a series of raw and striking photographs, illustrating the life and style of Bermudans throughout the tattoos, bucket hats and hoods from the streets. A new genre of refinement and elegancy stand out from the pictures, thanks to the precision of Rose’s lens.

For this project, I strapped a duffle bag of BBC pieces to the back of my moped and just drove across the island stopping guys that caught my eye. I actually almost crashed into a bush after double-taking a regiment boy in his camouflage at a bus stop.”

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