PFW: Haider Ackermann Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

For Spring/Summer 2017, Haider Ackermann’s collection is tight and bright.


Ackermann explained: “I have this gang of young kids around me. And they are full-on. And I wanted to capture their energy. They are just kids who want to dance and party and be happy. They don’t have the heaviness of the world.” This was showcased through the irregular colour palette of white on yellow, black, red, or pink print silk shirts, showing how Ackermann can make anything look appealing, with the faded, blurry, asymmetric prints he showed for his Spring menswear.

This collection wasn’t just for the boys: A bunch of ladies, in that always-androgynous Ackermann mould, took charge down the catwalk too.



See the full Haider Ackermann Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:

001__LUC1425 002__LUC1579 003__LUC1507 004__LUC1603 006__LUC1462 007__LUC1547 008__LUC1714 009__LUC1557 010__LUC1491 012__LUC1700 013__LUC1480 014__LUC1632 015__LUC1527 016__LUC1447 017__LUC1754 018__LUC1591 020__LUC1519 021__LUC1738 023__LUC1469 024__LUC1539 025__LUC1620 026__LUC1403 027__LUC1567 029__LUC1684 030__LUC1610 031__LUC1728 032__LUC1435