PFW: Juun.J Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

South Korean designer Juun J thinks big for his latest collection. 

The SS17 collection was inspired by tech used by fighter pilots in the 1940s to allow them to be conscious when they were sharp changes in air pressure in the cabin. The result was a voluminous collection that used the cords seen on these devices, as well as dramatic fabric usage to create a balloon effect.

A cinched leather hoodie was paired with oversized jeans and the ultra-wide suiting that was reminiscent of Balenciaga’s SS17 looks. The word “COVERED” was printed across many of his clothes, models wearing oversized sweatshirts emblazoned with the word, some with hemlines slipping down to the knee to empasise the gigantic proportions.


See the full Juun.J Spring/Summer 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week below:


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