Top 5 Places for Men’s Hair Colour in London

September 24, 2016

Looking for the best spot in the city to change up your hair game?

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The past few years have seen the men’s grooming industry experience growth like never before. New dedicated grooming brands are popping up everywhere, men’s grooming blogs are gaining followers aplenty and there’s a traditional or ’boutique’ barber on every corner. Despite this, many men are still left wondering where to go when looking for a decent colour by a stylist that knows their way around a guy’s noggin.

While there’s always the option of popping into a ladies salon where, most of the time, they’re more than happy to get the job done. Simply put, most don’t have a dedicated men’s hair stylist who can give you the whole works with a quality trim afterwards.

Having been asked this question regularly, we’ve put together a complete list of the top five best men’s hair salons in the city for the man who’s seeking something a little different!

1. Pimps & Pinups, Spitalfields

Having tended to the hair of London’s creative east end gent’s for over a decade, Pimps & Pinups safely sit in the upper echelons of creative men’s haircut capabilities. With a team of confident stylists who are incredibly clued up on both ladies and gents hair trends, as well as being remarkably proficient at executing them to perfection – you can rest easy in the hands of their team of hairstyling heroes.

If that ain’t enough for you, they’ve also got a diverse range of their own brand hair maintenance products so you can maintain your new do without the effort of seeking a suitable colour match. While we’re sure the whole team are just as great, Lorenzo did an amazing job of bringing our hair back from the brink. Trust us, if you’re looking for a creative do Pimps & Pinups will have you sorted in no time!


2. HOB Salons, Several Locations

With salons dotted around the city, HOB do a great job of maintaining a consistently high standard in all of their locations. Just as capable of buzzing through a tidy gent’s undercut as they are applying a full head of ladies extensions, they emphasise the unisex nature of their salons meaning you won’t be getting a confused side eye when you go in looking for a colourful new do.

While there very own HOB Academy in Camden attests to the high standards they carry throughout the company, we’ve become particular fans of their Baker St. location. If you’re lucky enough, try to nab an appointment with the incredibly talented Sean Nolan. With a celeb client roster, alongside a predilection for outrageous men’s colours – he’ll leave you looking no less than amazing, we promise!


3. Genco Male Grooming, Several Locations

Genco Men’s Grooming first grabbed out attention with their unique approach to providing all the grooming treatments a man could require under one roof. While ladies salons have been doing this for decades, it’s a little trickier to find a one-stop-shop for all the men’s metro-maintenance you might require.

Alongside their ability to give you decent trim and colour, they also provide manicures, massages, waxing, facials… this list goes on! With a few locations around the city, alongside a plethora of offers and discounts to get you in the door – why not “treat yo self!”.


4. The Lounge, Soho

Set in the ever-trendy Soho in central London, The Lounge aims to make all visitors comfortable with a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere often difficult to find in the west end. Integrating perfectly with the creative Soho atmosphere, the Lounge specialises in unique, inventive and forward-thinking styles, making it a perfect stop for the guy looking for something a little special.


5. Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa, Covent Garden

Last, but not least, the Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa in Covent Garden is the perfect location to head for an afternoon of relaxation, revitalization and, of course, a creative new hair-do while you’re at it. With a team of expert stylists specialising in everything from a simple gent’s cut to cool, creative colouring you’ll leave here feeling like you’ve just been tended to by an army of specialists catering to your every need.

Alongside this, all their colouring products are derived from 96% natural ingredients, making it the ideal stop for the eco-warrior or those with sensitive skin – win!



There we have it! Remember, the most important thing to ensure before you get any sort of hair colour done is that both you and your stylist have a clear understanding of what it is your aiming for. Personally, I find the best way to approach this is by coming into your appointment with a few pictures of what it is your looking for, that way there’s no room for misinterpretation.

It’s pretty safe to say, however, if you’re going for one of the salons we’ve laid out above – you needn’t fear about any hair disasters anytime soon. Happy colouring!

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