Zara: Edition-MAN​ Lookbook​

By November 9, 2013Fashion News

If you’re looking for smart, dapper menswear, look no further than the good quality high street giant Zara. With a new range of men’s’ clothing that will turn any man into an English gentleman, Zara has definitely created something that will turn heads.

Mixing textures and fabrics like leather, wool, and faux fur gives this collection its lux appeal. From a beautiful detachable fur-collared trench coat to a striped two-piece suit, these new looks by Zara are really some of the most lux they’ve had! But what do you expect from a retail giant like Zara who, year after year, produce clothing that is high quality and beautifully crafted. This year is no exception; this winter it’s all about vintage-style brown leather gloves, and comfortable wool scarfs to help to create that elegant and deluxe look.

Little touches to the designs add the luxury feel; piping accents on the trousers to applique on the waist band, these subtle hints give these pieces a unique and innovative finish.

Just in time for Christmas, these well-structured pieces will be popular this winter!

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Words by Akeil Onwukwe-adamson

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