senhor PRUDÊNCIO X Rita Roque 
AW14 Lookbook

By September 20, 2014Fashion News

The Portuguese menswear, footwear and accessories label senhor PRUDÊNCIO now release their new collection in collaboration with Rita Roque, a Portuguese artist and illustrator.

The strong artistic style of Rita Roque and high quality craftsmanship of senhor PRUDÊNCIO truly resulted in an interesting collection and lookbook, which makes us even more interested in these kind of collaborations. Style and craftsmanship should always win over logos and big brand names..!

The collection, titled 21.14 VINTEEUMCATORZE got an European avant-garde and futurist feel to it. Senhor PRUDÊNCIO highlight design codes and his new ideas around the construction of footwear and accessories. The graphic aspects highlight speed and dynamism and moves us towards the unpredictable and unusual.

Rita Roque X senhor PRUDE?NCIO

Rita Roque X senhor PRUDE?NCIO_1

Rita Roque X senhor PRUDE?NCIO_2

Rita Roque X senhor PRUDE?NCIO_3

Rita Roque X senhor PRUDE?NCIO_4

Rita Roque X senhor PRUDE?NCIO_5

Rita Roque X senhor PRUDE?NCIO_6

Rita Roque X senhor PRUDE?NCIO_7

Rita Roque X senhor PRUDE?NCIO_8

Words: Anna Ahren

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