BAPE X Coca-Cola FW16 Collection

By October 17, 2016Fashion News

BAPE’s second collaboration with Coco-Cola for FW16.


Three days ago, BAPE Japan posted on Instagram with the reveal of the second collaboration with world-known brand Coca-cola. Their first collaboration was back in 2014, where they stamped T-shirts and polo shirts with the classic BAPE and Coca-cola logos. This time round, the collection consists of hoodies, long sleeves and short sleeved T-shirts, back packs, hats and a few random collectables such as the glass and the aprons.

BAPE STORE® HARAJUKU will be opening a pop-up store for the A Bathing Ape X Coca-Cola collection which will be open from the 22nd October 30th October, where Coca-Cola drinks will be handed out on site. There is an offer running of a free APE® x COCA-COLA frisbee for those who spend over 30,000 yen at Bape, with a collection item included.

Location: 3rd Floor, 4-21-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0051

For the rest of us, A Bathing Ape will be releasing the BAPE X Coca-Cola collection in stores worldwide on the 22nd October.

Take a look at the collection below.


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