iPhone: Your Fashion Accessory

By March 3, 2017Gadgets, Sponsored

Oh really?…

Since it’s its concept as being a sleek touchscreen device the iPhone and its followers has become the accessory of choice for many.  Not only is it a portable shopping opportunity but it is where you can check exactly what you should be wearing, when and why.

You can then pay and of course provide those pics on your facebook, Instagram or whatever your choice of social media happens to be. In fact this personalized and ever-changing source or pictures combined with up-to-date news and innovative ideas has the whole magazine industry on their toes.

We love our smartphones and dress them accordingly, personalizing the case we use to protect our darlings. This is itself can run into mega bucks but hey, we are the Kings and Queens of Fashion are we not?  We are worth it!

The accessory that the iPhone has become is as important as the statement shoe or designer bag with many designers wanting to dress it. Names like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Coach, and Just Cavalli are a few of the brands that sell upmarket iPhone cases and accessories.

Of course it’s also a tool for communication, texting, making calls, do people STILL make calls?  The iPhone is an iconic piece of kit and Apple were always out to make the type of products that make a difference. The iPhone has changed the way we communicate, browse, and pay for goods and services online. It is in fact one of the most successful products in history, and has become an essential part of our daily life enabling us to achieve a lot of what needs to be done with our time.

But come on you already knew that didn’t you?

Many of us also source our entertainment via our iPhones using them to play at mobile online casinos in our lunch break or wherever we happen to be (as long as there is an internet connection!) There is nothing quite like a casino whether it is online or at a real bricks and mortar venue for adding a little excitement to the day, and being in with a chance of a win also helps!

Mobile online casinos are incredibly entertaining to play at. No longer do we have to squint at small screen with many games making the transition over to mobile use perfectly. Players can even pay for their games using their phone bills or pay as you go balance so they know exactly how much they have spent.

Our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, we love them and hate them at times, but one thing is for sure we are not letting them go!