Are People Over The Fear Of God Sneakers?

By January 31, 2018Sneakers

The Sneakers Are Famous In The Streetwear World, But Are They Still Relevant?

Jerry Lorenzo has become a household name in Streetwear. His brand, Fear of God, is incredibly successful and has loyal customers globally. The Fear Of God sneakers are familiar to anyone who likes streetwear, but are they on they still relevant?

Like anything that blows up in the Streetwear world, it either becomes a staple or becomes irrelevant. (Let’s not forget the ‘Life of Pablo’ merch and Bape monster zip-all-the-way-up hoodies).

It seems undoubtedly that fans are still interested in the sneakers, and new drops are only received with excitement. Lorenzo continues to make new silhouettes. The original Fear of God sneaker silhouette is undoubtedly overexposed, but if Lorenzo continues to alter and change the sneaker to stay relevant with the times then it seems fans won’t grow tired.