Revive Your Sense of Style with Simple Fashion Hacks

By December 21, 2020Guest Post

Honestly, the idea of keeping your fashion sense intact every year is just dull. It is beyond understanding how people change every day of every month of every year, but continue the same old style.

If a person were to be brutally honest, they would say maintaining the same old style is just as lame as it sounds. Humans crave change, and there is actually no point in why they shouldn’t. After all, the only constant in life is ‘change’.

So you need a pair of new glasses to see the old style ways. You can keep your ‘comfort’ while just adding a pinch of ‘new’ in it.
So let’s discover ways you can do so easily, however, if you like to make patches, reviving your style would be super easy and affordable.

1. Use Patches

Do you know what is the most loved about making patches? The versatility.

People have even worn self customized clothes to significantly formal parties and events and never regretted it once. Making patches did not just help some people with the styling, but also helped some creative people survive during relatively bad days.

People would get bored with the usual internet scrolling and jump to the customized patches page throughout the year. No lies told; this thing became people’s most beloved hobby. For all the restless nights, it became the best remedy. You can also try such websites. Just think of a design, draw it, and order it.

2. Thread And Scissors

The thought of scissoring through some of ‘but-I-already-wore-it’ clothes definitely crossed your mind.

Some people would even sometimes think of themselves as some designer after doing so!

One of the easiest ways to produce something new without actually putting in money (effort will do)is the use of some thread and scissors. That old shirt can be a right crop top, you know? Or your favorite cardigan; you can pull off a great cropped twin set (tube top and a cardigan pullover) out of it.

3. Cute Socks

This one might be your favorite part. If you love wearing socks throughout winters, only the cutest and comfortable pair can only be found once in a blue moon.

However, if you are this kind of person, let us share a secret with you. Grab a plain pair of socks. Now, there are multiple options. You can tie-dye it. You can add fancy lace. Or you can add some braided wool or even embroider it as per your choice!

Storytime; once, a friend posted a picture of my customized sock collection, and a few internet people started messaging me for orders. He didn’t sell them, obviously, but if you think your styling sense is unorthodox (and cool), you can even build a start-up! Who knows what destiny has written for you?

4. Style Your Denim

Denim is in fashion. We don’t know if there is any better way to say it, but like, you would have never heard, “oh, denim is not really in-style these days,” right?

So, how to add style to your denim? One primary way is converting your worn-out jeans into a fresh pair of shorts. Another; if you can’t find a good fit for your ripped jeans, do it yourself at home! Some people often add patches to their jeans too, which gives more of the streetwear look.

Some people love high-waist, (extra) wide-leg jeans. People in cities rarely wear high boots (some prefer wearing them in winter only). So, these jeans look good with sneakers or huge joggers and short shirts. Some people like to add up belts to enhance the last look.

5. Pullovers

There isn’t a wide choice with styling up with pullovers, except for changing what we wear inside of it. A collared shirt? Or a t-shirt.

Frankly, young people prefer hoodies or jackets more. Hoodies give you a relatively vast choice to style up. You can wear a denim jacket over it. Or just fancy jewelry over simple hoodies do the work. Combining a printed muffler with a plain hoodie also looks excellent.

Jackets are always a good idea. They are versatile. Wearing it with a good t-shirt or a tube top, or even a turtleneck delivers a sassy look.

6. Tie-Dye

People love tie-dying their old t-shirts. This is easy, creative, and extremely affordable. You get a completely fresh look without really spending much. Above all, you can wear a tie-dyed shirt too–literally anywhere.

All you’ve to do is, get a plain white shirt. Tie it in the pattern; you want the color. Now, get the colors and soak your shirt. Leave the shirt for a day or so, and you’re all set.

7. Button Up

The right buttons on the right part of your top/jacket can help you deliver an impressive look. It would be best if you searched for the buttons properly. Crystal or plastic; colorful or simple; size and design; all these things add up to get the perfect button for you.

8. Summer Look

This may sound irrelevant to you if you’re reading the article in winter. But note this hack as it will probably help you slay in that beach look.
Our routines don’t always allow us to shop for beach parties and such. But no worries, because you can easily make one yourself. Just grab a fancy scarf and fold it in a triangular shape. Now, tie the opened corners onto a chain or ribbon.
This will go around your neck. The other two corners will go around your waist to tie on the back. And you’re ready. Go to the beach and brag about your designer mind! You can add up a jacket or something if you want to wear it to some other party.

Reviving your sense of style isn’t about spending crazy money but just using your creativity. Some genius hacks, and you are done.

So, either do-it-yourself at home or make patches, add some buttons or patches, tie-and-dye it, or fold a fancy scarf. Refreshing up your denim is another good idea.

Anyway, this was all from our side. We hope you got at least one idea to follow through and be the best version of yourself.

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