Dawang Unveils A Harmonious Fusion of East and West in FW23 Collection

By January 4, 2024Fashion News

Immerse yourself in #ModernChinoiserie.

Daisy Wang’s DAWANG, the contemporary streetwear brand based and designed in New York under the creative direction of Abby Li, is excited to unveil its highly anticipated Fall/Winter 2023 collection. With a dedication to updating traditional Chinese aesthetics, Wang showcases seamless blends of denim and brocade by combining traditional Chinese apparel and fabrics with Western tailoring techniques.

Taking inspiration from Eastern and Western cultures, Daisy Wang’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection demonstrates her dedication to pushing the boundaries of fashion. This collection combines modern streetwear with a touch of traditional Chinese flair to create a body of work that is a testament to her creative genius.

This seventeen-piece collection offers intricate details, unique colour palettes, and a masterful interplay of textures for both men and women.

Taking its inspiration from the silk brocades and classical gardens of Suzhou, Daisy Wang’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection finds its roots in a journey to this city west of Shanghai. As a result of this visit, DAWANG was able to gain an in-depth understanding of the region’s rich silk and brocade textile history. In addition to facilitating a profound connection with her culture and community, Daisy observed the intricate craftsmanship involved in creating garments using time-honoured techniques passed down through generations. Wang’s artistic vision and dedication to craftsmanship are evident in each piece, inspired by this unique encounter, and making it a work of art in its own right.

DAWANG continues to redefine the landscape of contemporary streetwear with its blend of East and West, tradition and modernity. With each exquisitely crafted garment, the collection celebrates this harmonious marriage of diverse influences.

Check it out below.


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