Sneaker Watch: Return of the Ewing Center

March 28, 2014

With 90’s fashion well and truly a major trend right now many loved brands from that era are emerging again to give people fresh designs based on the classic looks that made them so popular.


One such brand is Ewing Athletics, the iconic 90’s basketball sneaker label. The Ewing Centre basketball sneaker has been given two new original colourways; the classic black and white and the bold blue with bright white and orange accents that give a new and original feel. Set for release on April 1st, fans of the iconic sneaker and fans of all things nostalgic and 90’s will be able to get their hands on the shoe!

The two hi-tops, with their nostalgic cut and retro silhouette, are definitely going to be in demand among fans this coming summer. The two pairs of new colourways are part of a long history of huge sellers, so, we at PAUSE, have no doubt that this shoe will follow in footsteps of the popularity of the Ewing Athletics shoes of the 90’s.


The Ewing Center’s will be available at available at for £108.

Words: Akeil Adamson


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