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August 14, 2014

Bu2S9bUIQAA_qHATell us who you are, your age and what you do…
I’m a London, UK based independent Stylist & Style Blogger who has recently just turned 21. I also share a great interest and have associated in fashion PR. I’ve assisted celebrity stylists and a few creatives working for clients and artists such as: Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea, JLS and Labrinth. I’ve most recently worked with Adidas Originals, Chase & Status and Moschino.

How would you describe your personal style?
Versatile and eclectic. I love mixing and conflicting throwback eras and modern trends, combining colour, print and textures together to form my personal style.
tumblr_n74bloVTbA1rkxm92o1_500What are your style influences, and do you have any style icons that you look to for inspiration?
I don’t particularly have any style icons, but there are talents who inspire me to take risks. I do try to take influences from wherever I can, whether it’s from the environment I’m in, architecture or/and interior or maybe a particular design from a collection.

When shopping, what do you look for?
Firstly I like to shop both menswear and womenswear, so having an eye for detail and structure is important to me. I look for pieces that are eye catching and versatile which can be styled as a statement, whether it is the colour and print or the texture. It’s always nice to have a limited and rare item too.

What are your key pieces for SS14?
That’s easy, my All Saints Fedora hat and New York Yankee’s cap! Plain coloured shirts and t-shirts, a couple of striped tops. Definitely my Adidas Socks ‘n’ Slides or my Superstar 2s as they’re both so trendy and versatile, especially the Superstars!
tumblr_n7grjhKZCp1rkxm92o1_500tumblr_n7gr3m3v2p1rkxm92o1_500Do you think that style is something that comes naturally or can it be taught and learnt?
Style should come naturally, your embracing who you are and your approach to fashion. As Rachel Zoe quoted, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” However, I do feel there are dozens today that attempt to learn off others style preference.

Has fashion always been important to you, or is it a passion that has developed over time?
Fashion has definitely been important as I believe it goes in a cycle and forms various trends and styles. Style is something that I’ve always appreciated and have an open mind to – it’s personal, and I’d like to think personal style is developed as you grow and more of an understanding.

How would you sum up your individual approach to fashion?
I’ve always taken fashion seriously whilst growing up from a young age. I knew growing up I wanted to be involved in some sort of way. I’ve always been particular and a perfectionist in how I wear things and how I want to be seen and remembered. I’ve grown to take risks as I see fashion as freedom, and it speaks exactly how much you take part and feel in it.

Tell us about your style blog, what has been your favourite look?
My personal blog is a portfolio of all my styling work I’ve done with stylists, clients and creatives I’ve assisted and worked for. I contribute to a UK blog called “WeAreHQ” and we focus on streetwear fashion, culture and music.
tumblr_n2jou467jD1rkxm92o1_500photo 5

There’s two looks that share my favourite look I’ve blogged so far. My first ever blog post shot by Bardha Krasniqi, which was the “Crombie Coat” where I’m wearing American Apparel’s tan coat, double denim and Nike’s timeless Air Force 1s. My other favourite and most recent post is the “Roundel London” look which was shot by Stefan. I’m wearing a Fedora hat, Roundel London sweatshirt, white shirt, sweatshorts and iconic classic Adidas Superstar 2s.

I love mixing tailoring with casualwear, especially in autumn and winter. I tend to wear all black turtlenecks and sweatpants with statement footwear, or some sort of outerwear coat/jacket. A simple coloured top, cropped tailored trousers and complimentary sneakers.

How important is Instagram to fashion?
That depends. Some brands use Instagram to strictly connect and communicate with its market, or maybe as a portfolio – which I think adds value to. It’s one way of allowing users to see how brands develop and what’s actually happening behind the scenes. Most brands don’t need it, because they’ve built up a base without the app.
tumblr_n90hnyWqle1rkxm92o1_500 tumblr_n8wub8Mq6O1rkxm92o1_500Tips for other Instagrammers?
To be involved in a industry, brand yourself! Use the app to network and make your craft known; you never know where it may take you. Prime example, Jamal Edwards founder of SBTV. His short video footage of international talents being uploaded onto his YouTube profile, which then turned into a money making channel!

If you could describe your sense of style with three #hashtags, what would they be?
#SoftGhetto #SportsChic #SometimesThrowback

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Interview by: Jordan Bunker

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