Victory Brand London AW12 Collection

With wildlife, porn, spikes and some daring (an understatement!) illustrations, Victory Brand is definitely something beyond the ordinary.

Created by Toronto born Victoria Sin, the concept streetwear labels controversial, shocking and wildlife inspired designs offer style and attitude in a less than subtle package.

Ms. Sin has described her work as being “about bringing the things that shock us to the forefront”, and this AW12 collection more than lives up to this.

First up is the short sleeve hand printed butterfly shirt. A bright, studded, contemporary twist on a classic. However, this isn’t the only Victory twist on a classic, with a range of chained and studded collars.

There is also a range of jaw dropping t-shirts; from a Chanel logo tee illustrated using male genitals to a Jesus tee with an illustration of the man himself in a rather interesting body garment.
And of course, there’s a tee with a human body and animal head, somewhat of a trademark we have come to expect from Victory designs.

Our PAUSE favourite has to be the Frenchie Pullover with an illustrated dog feature.

The AW12 collection is not one for the mild. Its loud nature creates a bold statement when worn and will catch the eyes of many. With over 15,000 reblogs on their Tumblr site, Victory Brand is set to be victorious in the near future.

Go online to buy the pieces.


By Kacion Mayers

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