“Redefining Male Fashion.”

PAUSE is an independent digital publication focused on young male fashion. We cover street style, the latest trends, style advice and reveal the latest products available for the fashion conscious guy.

The vision for PAUSE was to create a platform which effortlessly expresses male fashion.

The idea behind the word PAUSE was for its audience to physically as well as visually pause (stop) for male fashion, style advice and the latest trends. PAUSE signifies the actual pause icon by pausing every fashionable moment for its audience. Once you ‘PAUSE’ it is our job to bring you the very best and exclusive information about menswear, street style, celebrity fashion, runway updates and more.

What makes PAUSE unique is that there isn’t a men's fashion magazine dedicated to the youthful & fashion forward guy.

We specialise in promoting urban, street wear, vintage, formal/informal, indie-rock-influenced, casual and new era fashion. PAUSE delivers stylish and inspiring photography to influence its audience by purchasing products promoted by PAUSE. PAUSE supports and guides its audience by giving them self-esteem to look, feel & do better.

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PAUSE is a multi-platform magazine that tailors its content to young male fashion covering street style, latest trends and style advice. We are always looking to offer opportunities to fashion enthused people who want to work in the industry. PAUSE will give you the opportunity to broaden your creativity in what you enjoy doing.