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Finc. is a British brand taking influences from European football and portraying them in a classic American varsity style. After meeting at University Franklin and Matthew got together by using Franklin’s business and passion skills as well as Matts creativity – Finc. was born. The name Finc. is a play on words for ‘think’ and as this is a process done with your head the company started as a hat company. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength and has introduced some apparel that fits in with Finc. PAUSE got to know a little bit about Finc. and what the future holds for this great brand.


Your brand focuses mainly around flatcaps with football connotations, who is your target market?
Franklin:  We see our target market as someone who is frustrated by the limited choice of clothing that is currently provided by football clubs, someone who struggles to find clothes that represent their team in a fashionable, aesthetically pleasing design made from high quality materials. It is so easy for American sports fans to get clothing in the colours of their teams with an outstanding range and the turn around of the seasonal designs throughout the year, but this isn’t the case in the UK and our aim to change this, we’d love to replicate what New Era have managed to do with the American sports leagues and by continuing our strong bond with UK musicians and Football fans

Matt: Our vision is to incorporate fashion styles from the US into British Culture, as it is seen everywhere, from TV to posters, and worn by the biggest urban music acts around the world.

What makes your brand different? Why would a football fan choose Finc. over their teams official merchandise?
Franklin: Our dream is to eventually be a part of English football official merchandise, but what differentiates us is that each piece we released is in limited quantities, we keep our designs fresh and up to date with regard to fashion. We feel that we offer a superior alternative to what’s already on the market, we’re new and exciting and we understand the minds set of consumers when buying these products.

Matt: We would love to be recognised not just as a brand, but as a concept of British fashion – really making a difference in the industry, turning heads, and standing out from the rest.

Your hat designs are certainly placed in a niche market, how do your promote the brand?
Franklin: We love using word of mouth and social networking. We also like to stay in touch with a lot of UK music artists, which we’ll occasionally endorse our products to, this has allowed us to reach a larger audience. ESPN Magazine recently covered us on their website, that was a huge door opener for us and we now get regular orders from across the pond. Despite tapping into a niche marker, we really feel there is a huge market for what we do, there’s so much potential to make Finc. a global brand. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 12 months and are really excited for what next year has in store!

Matt: Celebrities have been incredibly helpful in spreading the word of Finc. and we have had great feedback and support from the musicians and artists that we have contacted; which is inspiring, especially to me, to keep working hard – knowing that people want the brand to succeed.


What does the future hold for Finc. Do you have plans to expand your collections?
Franklin: We plan to release a selection of Jackets in 2013, it’s the first time we’re doing jackets and we’re really psyched about it. We’re intending to bring out some new hats too with the range including The Cottagers (Fulham), The Toffee’s (Everton) and possibly The Swans (Swansea). We are very excited to announce our anniversary snapback that will go on sale on New Years Day.

Matt: Obviously we would love to expand the brand and release as many products into the market as we just love the buzz of developing our portfolio. We also feel that having a strong collection will be vital for approaching investors.


Aside from football, what influences your designs?
Franklin: Mitchell & Ness and Starter gear from the 80’s/90’s influence our designs. Sports Specialities are another company that have inspired many of our designs. It’s that timeless Run DMC Raiders jacket that we’d love to make and have treasured by our customers and past down to younger generations and fans of football.

Matt: I personally love the more retro look of the early 90’s in the US, with bold colours and shapes, as I feel that you should have the confidence to wear colour throughout the year, as sometime there are some brands that emerge with soft colouring which blend into the background – we want our products to be desired for their power of presence and individuality.”
Twitter: @FincUK

Interviewed by Katie Handy-Beith

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