Style Picks: Reinterpreted Classics

Admired for their versatility, elegance and laid back feel, chinos have become a well established wardrobe staple. Originally worn by the military, they were then adopted by Hollywood stars, 50’s hipsters and are the key item of the preppy uniform. And although nearly every high street store stocks the iconic trouser, few are brave enough to reinterpret the wonder.

Preppy pioneers Ralph Lauren were perhaps the first to make embroidered chinos popular. From their trademark pony, to the skull and cross-bone motif of their Rugby line, Ralph Lauren took the classic chino up a notch.

However, pushing the boundaries even further is Australian label Vanishing Elephant. Their current collection includes a pair of charcoal grey luxury chinos featuring a miriad of tiny embroidered roses in red and white. If you’re looking for something out of the norm than these will certainly allow you to stand out of the crowd.

Another classic piece is the Oxford/ button-down shirt. The simple essential originated on the English polo field but fast became an American symbol of youth and vitality, after bring reworked by Brooks Brothers.

PAUSE picks this button-down from Scandinavian brand Rascals; with its block colours and heavy-weight canvas fabric, it is a modern classic which echoes the bohemian and almost avant-garde aesthetic of the early 20th Century Ivy League.


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By Peter Brathwaite



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