If the Suit Fits: Skinny Fit

By January 15, 2013Style, Style Picks

It started with the jeans. Suddenly they were tighter. Then we started wearing  jackets that were not two sizes too big. After that, it was suddenly acceptable to wear a t-shirt that was a little too tight.

With everything becoming more and more fitted, it was only a matter of time before the suit got the same treatment. Slimmer silhouettes with less buttons were becoming more prevalent, but the skinny fit suit would start a trend that shows no sign of abating.


The Skinny Fit suit tends to divide people, you either love it or loathe it. Some champion the wondrous effects it has on making the wearer slimmer, whilst others ponder the effects of wearing such tight trousers. Whatever your view, the skinny trend shows no signs of dying. But does this mean you should buy one?

The Skinny Fit suit can be a tricky look to pull off. First of all, just because some say it makes the wearer appear slimmer does not mean that it is a quick fix to a slim build. Skinny Fit suits can be merciless in exposing bits of flab, so be mindful that a Skinny Fit suit may reveal how much you need to hit the gym.

Skinny Fit suits are also not great for those who have broad shoulders. The shoulders of a Skinny Fit jacket are narrower than those of a Regular fit suit. Wearing a jacket that is too small in the shoulders causes an unsightly bulge of the lapels, and restricts movement.

If you are unsure whether a Skinny Fit suit looks good on you, go with a friend and try on different ones. However, if you are tall and thin, Skinny Fit suits are great. The narrowness of the trousers and the small back in the jacket will not leave you swamped with excess material. Wear with a fitted shirt and a skinny tie, and be on your way, you anorexic fashionable thing.

Words by @MasterNath

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