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By January 19, 2013Culture

In an era where trends and designs are currently being replicated and mass-produced at such a ferocious pace, we find that the element of good quality design and originality is often scarce.
Enter, Stooki; an independent London-based lifestyle brand that is an amalgamation of sound, vision, jewellery and apparel.

The self-made trinity behind Stooki is comprised of, Luke Hippolyte, Nadia Abbas and Quincey Cassell Williams. A label raised from the ground with next to no financial backing, fuelled only by a passion to create a brand that doesn’t play by the rules and be able to provide a much-needed injection of conscious and conceptual design into a saturated market, whilst inadvertently raising the bar in terms of the quality, authenticity and intangible ‘cool’ that you would expect from an independent label.


 Stooki has already amassed considerable recognition and has collaborated with notables such as, MTV, Red Bull Studios and the prestigious V&A. Most recently,  the label was awarded the first Bench “Self Made” prize, an initiative that; ” …is about people who are making things happen. The people around the world who don’t take no for an answer…who don’t wait for things to be handed to them…who go out there and do it themselves. […] We celebrate the hard-working and multi-talented guys and girls with vision and ambition … who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty … crafting their own futures and changing the faces – and the streets – of the cities they live in.”

The prize includes a cash prize of £1,000, global exposure through the Bench website, social media and the Self-Made brand book. Also included, is an invaluable top mentor assigned to shepherd the brand within their specified field.With vision, ambition and most importantly talent like that of Stooki, it’s no wonder they  were commended.
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The defining factor that sets Stooki apart is, they’re concerned with individuality, exclusivity and pleasing their customers senses through themed events, providing a lifestyle that they would want to aspire and subscribe to. This undoubtedly makes Stooki one of the coolest independent brands of the moment.

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Find out a little more about Stooki here.
To read/apply for Bench. Self-Made 2013 check out the website here.

Words by John Muleba

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