PAUSE Gets Clutched!

By February 15, 2013Fashion News, Style Picks

Its time to leave your backpacks and satchels behind, there’s a new bag in town..

The Clutch bag is creeping its into mens fashion becoming a must have accessory for this Spring/Summer with some of London’s male fashionisto’s already rocking the bag around town proving clutches aren’t just for the ladies. Here at PAUSE we’ve picked out the five best Clutches that are sure to bring any outfit to life.

1. Studded Clutch|£29.99|Zara

2. Clutch With Tacks|£29.99|Zara

3. Balenciaga Creased Clutch|£295|Mr Porter
4. Knightz Colour Block Clutch|£79.99|Ted Baker

5. Transparent Neon Clutch|£12.99|Ebay
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Words By Jordan Victor-Harrison

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