Duly Equipped Spring/Summer 2013

By March 9, 2013Fashion News

Fashion is known as an industry who takes pride in resurrecting the old, deconstructing it and carefully stitching it back up in to something new. As Duly Equipped demonstrates, the perfect gentleman’s attire is all about this cycle.

The hand tailored garments pay homage to dapper style, inspired by the 1960’s “swinging” London. With a selection of daring prints and seasonal colours, designer Yenting Chen has sewn the contrasting words of “classic” and “modern” to accurately describe his Spring/Summer must-haves.
There is no doubt that you will be complimenting the warm seasons’ vibrant atmosphere with the brand’s latest collection. Thanks to Duly Equipped, style and elegance can be purchased.




Visit the website to view more of the collection:
Words by Joyce LaBelle.

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