The PAUSE Guide to Smart-Casual: The Finishing Touches

Now that you have your ensemble sorted, it’s time for you to add the finishing touches to your Smart-Casual attire. But how can you stand out without looking stupid?

Add a Pocket Square

pocketsquare final
Obviously this can’t be done if you’ve substituted a blazer for a jumper or a cardigan. However, if you are wearing a blazer, don’t leave your pocket naked. Pocket squares can be found in various high street stores, and as you are (probably) tieless, your Pocket Square just needs to compliment your blazer.

Wear a Watch

These days, when someone asks what the time is, more than likely everyone starts fumbling around, looking for their mobile phone. Declare your refined sensibilities by wearing a watch. Stay away from overly bling bling watches, especially when the stones in it are no more precious than Cubic Zirconia.

Put on a Suitable Belt

mens belts
Always wear a smart belt with Smart-Casual attire. Belts with large buckles may be a creeping trend; however, it will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons. If you are going to wear a belt where the buckle is the focus point, go for an understated one, such as the Hermes belt.

So that’s it. Although PAUSE cannot ban the term ‘Smart-Casual’, hopefully we have helped the term make more sense. Go forth, conquer the dress code in style!

Words by @MasterNath

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