VOTE: Air Yeezy 2 VS Air Max 1 FB ‘Yeezy’

From time to time we will be featuring sneakers that are somewhat, similar to each other. Getting your opinion means allot to us, so please get involved!


The Air Yeezy 2 dropped last year, and sold out within hours or even minutes. Many trend followers and sneaker-heads are already inspired by Kanye West and his immaculate sense of style. So when the Yeezy’s dropped there was no doubt that they would be gone in seconds. It’s exclusive, unique and has its own fresh design to it. In some ways, the iconic shoe is a teaser itself – only sold at limited copies, if you did manage to get a pair. Well done.



The shoe has been a big inspiration to many shoe brands and its colourway has been repeated onto different types of sneakers – bouncing around the market. This Spring the Roshe Run’s have been a must-have sneaker for every guy. With the sun slowly shining through Spring, many guys are taking on sport activities to get in shape for the Summer – and the Roshe Run’s are a supreme comfort to work out with. They also released a design which looked inspired by the Air Yeezy 2 colourway, which sold out quick.


Now, the new Air Max 1 FB has also been inspired by the colourway and incorporated it into their newest release. We just love the fact that Kanye West can inspire such big name brands and still be on top! The coral green mint/lime colour is rising to the top this season, being one of the biggest trends – and with a flash of pink in the insole, outsole and midsole. These sneakers just recently got released, but unfortunately they sold out in most

Many of these striking sneakers have all been inspired by the Air Yeezy 2, but our favourite colourway remake has to be the Air Max 1 FB Yeezy. So which do you prefer? The original Air Yeezy 2 or the Air Max 1 FB Yeezy?


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