PAUSE News: Dope Chef Re-Launch

By June 11, 2013Fashion News

“Dope Chef as you know it has been deceased” reads their Tumblr page. Their shock announcement on twitter startled many with few expecting such a dark return.


A huge and unanticipated revamp is soon to come; 19 days to be exact, with the newly refurbished website giving us a glimpse of whats in store. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ seems to be the motto with the tie-dye print they’re renowned replaced with a bleak monochrome aesthetic. Leather jackets, preppy blazers, tailored baseball trousers, meggings and crisp white shirts layered with American football style jerseys. At the moment, it’s shaping up to be heading towards a more diverse direction but little is known.



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Scheduled for a release on 30.06.13, all will be revealed.
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Words by Kacion Mayers

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