Marc by Marc Jacobs SS14 NYC Show

By September 14, 2013Fashion News, Fashion Shows

As a matter of fact, you can never go wrong with Marc!


Here at PAUSE we have a special affinity with Marc by Marc Jacobs brand new collection; eventually you will have too. For his SS14 show tirelessly creative designer puts a striking ensemble of delicate menswear garments, prevailing a seamless grungy faded retro palette of pastel versus purely monochromatic colors.

An emphasis has been put on loosely-tailored pinstripe suits, relaxed fit safari beige chinos, bomber-style satin and flannel-lined varsity jackets with rolled up sleeves, bringing urban-chic aesthetic back to its roots.

Besides abstract geometric ornamentation, collection also features several contrasting motifs, including one-side only star-lish embellishments and plenty of accessories, such as dazzling guitar pick necklace.

Both shiny notched lapels and fancy low top sneakers add a slight vintage touch, – ultimately, no rockabilly will resist reserving the look.

Witness yourself down below.

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Words by Deniss Zelenkovs

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  • fashiontim says:

    Marc Jacobs is a cruel manipulator who wants to control the entire fashion world. He`s been cruelly torturing a talented young girl for 5 years. He stole her ideas and keeps her in psycho terror. Read the details and spread the truth! Please help!

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