PAUSE 1st Year Anniversary & LFW After-Party

Spirits were high last night at our 1st year anniversary celebrations/LFW After-Party. Along with the PAUSE team, an overwhelming amount of people came along to celebrate and support our first year of success at Mayfair’s ‘The Rose Club’.

With lights out, post LFW excitement and a sociable crowd the night got off to a great start with everyone up on their toes in no time. The vibe was less of a formal function and more of a fashionable get together with a collage of style in all corners of the room and the perfect mix of music genres from Disclosure to Biggie. The guests; who networked, mingled and partied the night away, were as bubbly as the free champagne and kept the chilled vibe throughout the night. PAUSE founder and editor; Johnson Gold, even gave a short but sweet speech to interlude the event reminding everyone why they were their and how grateful he was for all the support and success.

All in all the night was a triumph thanks to all the people who managed to make their way down despite the gloomy weather. PAUSE would like to thank everyone who’s supported the magazine again and we hope to be seeing everyone this time next year for an even bigger and even better second year anniversary extravaganza!


pause-magazine-lfw-afterparty-and-2013-birthday2    pause-magazine-lfw-afterparty-and-2013-birthday10 pause-magazine-lfw-afterparty-and-2013-birthday11

pause-magazine-lfw-afterparty-and-2013-birthday15 pause-magazine-lfw-afterparty-and-2013-birthday14

pause-magazine-lfw-afterparty-and-2013-birthday5 pause-magazine-lfw-afterparty-and-2013-birthday4

Words by Kacion Mayers

Photography by Rianna Tamara

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