Six Stylish Socks @ Galvin For Men

By September 24, 2013Fashion News, Style Picks

Don’t be scared to be bold.

This autumn we all will see more layering, thick clothes and of course, more socks! Wearing socks can add perfect detail to your outfit as well as comfort to your feet. But it doesn’t have to be the usual dull colours; grey, black and navy blue. This season it’s all about popping your style up with bold colours, and a bright pair of Happy Socks can do the job. Wearing multi colourful socks can either look right or super wrong, so make sure you pair the right socks with the rest of your outfit.

Socks that match your trousers is the best way to start styling yourself, once you’ve got that sorted, next is your shoes. The bottom half must flow and colours must be on the same tone as your outfit (depending on choice) but you can also allow your socks the pop your outfit! Try different patterns and coordinate with your shoes and neckwear to liven up a dull style.  Don’t be scared to break rules, look and feel different. As long as you look spot on, who cares? Let your socks do the talking.

We at PAUSE have selected six stylish socks from Galvin For Men for you to experiment with this autumn, enjoy!


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