10.Deep Fall ‘Daylight’ Drop 2013

By October 12, 2013Fashion News

With prints remaining a key trend this season, the way to wear them most effectively is to find the unique pieces. As designers and high street stores continue to produce similar all printed designs, brands such as 10.Deep remain that little bit more alternative.

As the first drop of their autumn collection, titled ‘Daylight’, begins to hit the stores. Consumers will instantly be drawn to the original detailing as well as the bold style. On trend camo, animal and exotic prints are all utilised intelligently, combining urban appeal with a wider accessibility. Designing within a primary palette conveys the collection’s brighter intentions too, capturing the last days of summer before the seasons change. This is also successfully portrayed by the clash of prints and white Converse used throughout. The aesthetic itself remains relaxed but refined, with on trend bomber jackets shaping each look. A range of fabrics also create softened silhouettes with thicker cottons and denim providing welcome seasonal functionality.

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Key pieces within the collection include the Warriors jacket and the black and white printed check sweater. However the stand out look has to be the camo track suit. Instantly having transformed what can be sometimes viewed as a ‘chavvy’ piece into a statement menswear item.

Proving that print firmly has its place in the autumn wardrobe. 10.Deep aim to bring a touch of sunshine to these otherwise darker days.

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Words by Matthew Ward

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