M.I.A x Versus Versace Menswear Collection

By October 22, 2013Fashion News

Collaborative forces join again from the likes of English recording artist, M.I.A and J.W Anderson’s infamous label, Versace. Together they host fourth quite an intense collection for the versus offshoot theme which launched this passing Wednesday. Apart of the public’s attention focuses on the fact that inspiration sources from the masses of counterfeit, knock-off imitations well saturated into high street-style, more obtainable at cheaper price points. Turning the scenario on the bootlegged copies and revamping their imitations back into the high end fashion and obviously with a high price point. This is a full 360 degree approach especially if you consider how M.I.A is not shy of high street styling.

mia_versus_lookbook_1 mia_versus_lookbook_5 mia_versus_lookbook_4

The pieces like the button-up shirts, t-shirts, trousers, backpack are boldly covered in loud colours and the Versace brand logo whilst gleaming a little lime light towards the all black quilted mid sneaker available within this collection. Not only is the collaboration menswear design but also for women. So regardless if one is male or female, if the medallions, prints and gold motifs are your taste then the M.I.A x Versus Versace collection will inspire you greatly.

As a star pick it would settle upon the black/white button up shirt and matching trousers with the black patent kicks. Being the less colourful outfit it inspires a little something similar to the exciting, flashy swagger we once saw with the likes of Puff-Daddy, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes outfits from 90s music videos with some of the street-style we witness today.

mia_versus_lookbook_3 mia_versus_lookbook_6 mia_versus_lookbook_2
miaversus_lookbook_1 miaversus_lookbook_2

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