Topman Southsider’s SS14 Collection

By February 13, 2014Fashion News

Men who look like they’re going places usually are, and Topman’s early Spring/Summer collection promises to furnish the budding mavericks of Europe with a sophisticated yet worn style that suggests cool-seasoned-traveller.


This trend is tamer than 2010‘s ‘rough and ready’ chic. ‘Brushed yet thready’ seems a more appropriate quip as the style bears a heavy transatlantic motor-cycle-club influence that doffs a helmet to classic American symbolism. Oh yes, the legendary stars and stripes.

If your summer 2014 entails meandering through dusty, rose hued towns, then this collection’s sunbleached chambray shirts, tan suede bombers, and off white trucker jackets seem perfect pickings.

However, although a fresh take on something old, there is nothing overly profound about this trend, but it is thoroughly decent.

We all know Ryan Gosling officially made quasi-80s-throwback travel garb the coolest thing for young, well postured men in 2011’s instant classic ‘Drive’. The costume designer for said film laid a foundational legacy – Topman’s Southsider provides the framing.

You might never intend to be an adventurer saddled at the helm of a Harley, epically disappearing into the sunset… but looking like one just got easier. Head to your local Topman for more.



View the whole Southsider’s collection at Topman here.

Words: Jared Fortune

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