REBEL8 Spring 2014 Collection

By March 27, 2014Fashion News

Why do you use Instagram? Do you adorn photography? Enjoy exploring? Simply love taking pictures? Or maybe you use Instagram to follow the lives of people you admire, using it as a way to create inspiration and share styles.

(Selfie Editorial)
BENL00481Leather Boots: Dr Martens @ Schuh
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Top: Bold and BraveBENL99281Top: Terrible Movement
Trousers: Topman
Rings: Love BulletsBENL9814-1Top: Matteo Molinari
Jeans: Topman
Trainers: Patrick Ewing
Hat: Ginge LondonBENL9829-1

(Photographer: Benjamin Glean – Stylist: Samantha Ria)

Quite possibly your usual weekly Instagram activity may consist of the following:

Monday: Showing the world what nutritious meal and organic drink you decided to treat yourself to as you loosen your vintage work tie for lunch. #RalphLauren

Wednesday: Photographing the weights you supposedly got 6 reps out of while sporting colour coordinated gym gear. #NikeFreeRun

Friday: Then onto the bucket of ice encasing a glossy bottle of rosé you split between your squad. #SaintLaurent 

Instagram users have rapidly shaped the app into an influential and inexhaustible hub magnifying whatever is popular. However, the impact it has had on the fashion industry was unforeseeable to say the least.



(Photographer & Stylist: Johnson Gold – Model: Andre @ Mot Models)


photo 2

DSC_0733 copie#Selfie: We unfortunately won’t receive a noble prize for reiterating the fact that we as humans, act as a society that seeks pleasure and avoids pain. Although, a conjoining thought from seeking pleasure is to receive recognition and for people to naturally #Like what we do. As a result, our efforts and attention into the way in which we dress, whether it be for sport, dinner or casual wear has increased naturally. We now see the way in which we dress as an image from the viewpoint of others as we scroll through life.

#Follow: Our styles are taken from what we see on TV, magazines, the Internet and now Instagram. The app gives you the chance to express your style and share with others.

is just an example, starting his fame and fan base on the Internet; he has now become one of the biggest influencers on Instagram posting updates daily. The majority of us follow the more conventional profiles depending on our personal taste. We cannot help but be #Inspired.

#InstaVideo: A fairly recent addition to Instagram that has been embraced by the world of fashion, especially writers and bloggers at fashion week, shows and collections.

The new feature gives us instant ‘front row’ footage of the latest runway styles before any magazine or website and provides a personal insight to current ins and outs, as well as inspiration for our wardrobe.

We cannot escape fashion throughout our everyday lives, not to mention on Instagram. Trying to avoid fashion on Instagram would be like trying to avoid getting wet when going swimming #Fail. Vivienne Westwood consistently spoke of fashion revolutions that change the way in which we apply, perceive and interpret fashion. Instagram has done simply that. Defined by Tinie Tempah as the influential ‘fashion culture that holds no literal existence,’ Instagram is precisely changing the requisition of fashion and is once again another social matrix added to our home screen with double tap approval.

Words: Taze Phillips

The REBEL8 collection for Spring 2014 sees a range of T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts sporting the brand’s signature logo and script.


Easy to wear pieces, this collection would slip seamlessly in to any man’s wardrobe.

The lookbook is styled over a monochrome background made up of Mike Giant’s hand drawn illustrations. This style enforces the brand’s affinity for street style, and appeal to creative individuals.

The use of denim and hardwearing fabrics give the collection a gritty, grungy feel, and we at PAUSE like the versatility of their red tartan shirt, which could be worn both dressed up and down throughout the day.

114-LB-Blog-04[1] 114-LB-Blog-08[1] 114-LB-Blog-07[1] 114-LB-Blog-05[1]

REBEL8 Spring 14 is now available in all UK stockists and online at

Words: Katie Walton

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