Instagrammer Of The Week: @MAKXAI

The world of social media is such a dominating force on the fashion industry- so much so that some people have managed to make a name for themselves simply by posting personal style photos, or their opinions on fashion. One of these internet sensations is Makai Beaumont, or perhaps better known by his Instagram username, MAKXAI, where he has over 12k followers. The 24 year old from New Zealand explains his dress sense to PAUSE, and how fashion has had an impact on his life.


How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe my personal style as more of a ‘Sophisticated Street’ look, I like to keep simple and try to be as unique as I can.

What are your style influences, and do you have any style icons that you look to for inspiration?
I try to take influences from wherever I can. I try to look at things that you wouldn’t necessarily think would work and find a way to make them look natural together in an outfit. I try not to take too much inspiration from other people, as you can end up just trying to copy someone. I like to try and put my own twist on things but in saying that there’s definitely a lot of dudes out there killing it who I have a lot of respect for.

What do you look for when buying a new garment?
When I’m shopping for something new I try to picture how it would work with my existing wardrobe and how I could style it to get the most out of it.

Your girlfriend also clearly seems to have an amazing sense of dress. Together, the two of you ooze effortless cool. Does she have any impact in the way you dress?
Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. Yeah Rach definitely has her own unique style which is dope. I wouldn’t say we impact each others style all that much but we do bounce ideas off each other, and it’s always good to get her feedback. She’s also pretty handy with the scissors, especially when it comes to ripping jeans; she taught me all the tricks haha!

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You also evidently have a thing for kicks. What’s your favourite pair of trainers and what is your most expensive pair?
My favourite pair of kicks I own right now would have to be a toss up between my Y-3 Qasas and my 03 Patent Jordan 1s which I just recently came up on. My most expensive pair would probably be my Balenciaga Pleateds.
1689923_665726836825046_1686195894_nDo you prefer designer or high-street?
It’s hard to say, I like the mixture of both but as I’m getting older I am finding myself move towards more of the designer brands, especially when it comes to kicks.

Do you want to take fashion further in terms of a career in the field?
Yeah for sure it would be dope to do some more modelling work if the opportunity came up and also some styling work for other people/artists. I’m also working on my own brand RSDNTS which is set to drop later this year.
ByTQpX_m 10299749_589242041182989_882310527_n 10254170_608721999213089_1551799376_n10175148_867276033289723_857612903_n 10012454_574461952662030_1462170415_nBe sure to follow Makai on his Instagram and twitter at @MAKXAI.

Interview: Marium Ul-Haq

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