PAUSE Editorial: Bonnie and Clyde

Title: Bonnie and Clyde
Photographer: Djimi Williams
Stylist: Erica Matthews
Models: Ellie Fox (female) at Next Models and Jimmy Launay (male) at AMCK Models


Man: Jacket: Fillipa K, Shirt: Percival, Jeans: ASOS, Rings: Mawi & Serge DeNimes, Boots: Dr Martens
Woman: Shirt: Fillipa K, Jacket: 2nd DAY Birger: Et Mikkelson, Necklace: Mawi Jewellery, Boots: Stylist Own

IMG_2003 IMG_2095 IMG_2129


IMG_2145 IMG_2160

IMG_2539 IMG_2790 IMG_2719 IMG_2623

IMG_2657 IMG_2762 IMG_2719


Left to right – Dress: Sofia French, Hat: Vintage, Shoes: ASOS, Top: Alexander McQueen, Trousers: Universal Works, Braces: Topman, Shoes: Duggers, Bag: Topman

IMG_2408 IMG_2397


Woman: Bralette: Napsugar Von Bittera, Jeans: DAY, Birger: Et Mikkelsen Man, Jean: Deisel


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