PAUSE Tips: What Makes a Good Sneaker?

By August 8, 2014Sneakers, Style

The sneaker craze has taken off!


Everyone wants a fresh pair of trainers to rock, and now it seems perfectly acceptable to wear them whenever with whatever. From the traditional jeans and trainer combo to the more modern trousers and trainers combination, everyone is wearing sneakers. But when you’re searching for your next pair, what actually makes a good pair of sneakers?


What are you buying them for?
Well first thing you need to decide is, what are you buying them for? If you’re just a trainer collector then go mad, but if you only have a small collection, and plan to keep it that way, then you should always buy your trainers for a purpose; running, fashion or just comfort… Once you’ve decided that then you’ll be able to narrow down your search in finding your perfect pair.

What have you already got in your wardrobe?
Take a look in your wardrobe and see what you’ve got to work with. It’s always cool to have a nice pair of trainers to match that fresh shirt you’ve just bought, or that slick blazer that you’ve been waiting to wear. It’s always a plus when your trainers compliment your outfit.



Make a statement
We all love a pair of trainers that stand out, whether that’s a limited collab like the Yeezy Red Octobers, or just some crazy colourway or pattern, we love a pair of statements sneaks and they’ll guarantee to be the envy of your friends.

Something different
We all have that weak spot for a particular style or brand that we consider are safe zone. For some it maybe Adidas Originals and for others it could be Nike Roshes. Point being, don’t be afraid to try something new and something you’re not used to. Also, try and find something that little bit different, for example a fresh colourway or an interesting material used for the upper, go on, be brave!


tumblr_n2nk2hVP5F1r91rwao1_1280Where to look for your trainers?
PAUSE loves to go buy our trainers in store and see how they feel, look and fit, we’re always getting inspiration online though! A few of our favourite stores to check out are Dover Street Market, Footpatrol, size?, Footasylum and Footlocker. But it’s always worth going into your independent stores in your local area or hitting up the next Crepe City event as that’s where you’ll find your special collaborations and one-offs!


Make sure you read our interview with sneaker head Mikill Pane here.

Words: Jordan Bunker

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