All Saints Spring 2015 Collection

By September 19, 2014Fashion News

All Saints drops new Spring 2015 collection.


All Saints, a store that has been on the rise more and more lately, having branched its empire to the U.S.A, Canada and South Korea, has given us a preview on their new Spring 2015 collection.

Featuring the classic All Saints tailored look with a dark edge, this collection is very much what All Saints is known for. By mixing different style aesthetics in menswear, such as military, punk and biker, this collection is a fusion of distinct ideas that form a complete and exciting collection.

Key pieces in this collection take a subversive route, turning certain styles on their heads; the classic tropical shirt is transformed into jackets and the classic brogue is given a zip on the front instead of laces.

This collection is about simple designs and silhouettes, with twists on old classics, and turned into new, exciting and modern looks.

Words: Akeil Onwukwe-adamson

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