Footpatrol x Reebok Pump 25th Anniversary ‘G.O.A.T.’

By September 25, 2014Fashion News, Sneakers

Continuing the quarter-century celebrations.


Following on from Reebok’s collaboration with INVINCIBLE to celebrate 25 years of the Pump, another collaboration is unveiled, this time with London sneaker retailer, Footpatrol. The ‘G.O.A.T.’ edition, aptly named because it features goat leather lining and ankle collar, comes in a white suede construction, with gold accents, and a special logo which features Reebok’s signature motif combined with Footpatrol’s gas mask. Another solid addition to an already great list of collaborators on the Reebok Pump-themed festivities this year. Available from Footpatrol this Saturday.

Words: Nathan Sharp.

footpatrol-x-reebok-pump-25th-anniversary-g-o-a-t-02-960x640 footpatrol-x-reebok-pump-25th-anniversary-g-o-a-t-03-960x640 footpatrol-x-reebok-pump-25th-anniversary-g-o-a-t-04-960x640


footpatrol-x-reebok-pump-25th-anniversary-g-o-a-t-06-960x640 footpatrol-x-reebok-pump-25th-anniversary-g-o-a-t-07-960x640 footpatrol-x-reebok-pump-25th-anniversary-g-o-a-t-08-960x640 footpatrol-x-reebok-pump-25th-anniversary-g-o-a-t-09-960x640 footpatrol-x-reebok-pump-25th-anniversary-g-o-a-t-10-960x640

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