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By September 28, 2014PAUSE Guide, Style

With summer pretty much gone, it means university has started once again. PAUSE has come up with a few tips for your university wardrobe, whether you want a day where you want to stand out, or for when you’re in at 9am after being out the night before, PAUSE has it covered.


It’s almost impossible to try to impress every day and put new outfits together, especially with the strain of living on a student loan. Simple basics make for an easy and relaxed look, that make you look stylish without having to put much thought into your outfit, as well as basics being relatively cost-effective. Plain white, grey and black tee’s paired with either denim or trousers make for an easy everyday outfit.

If being basic is just ‘too simple’ then try and experiment with lengths and fabrics. Try wearing an extended length tee, or maybe a mesh or neoprene garment, making basics a little less basic.

Inevitably at university you have to do presentations, which means it gives you an excuse to wear something smart. Obviously you can go traditional with your formalwear and wear a suit – we advise wearing a more modern skinny fit suit. However, you don’t have to wear a suit to look smart. Wearing a bold shirt with a cool print on, with either trousers (that sit on the ankle) or black jeans will more often that not be smart enough – PAUSE feels that light coloured jeans aren’t as smart as black.

1e1bdda455ca9024661d261ed8ce3600 2dd0fef4db3702e6d9cdd4b92c01b435Every university student needs a good bag to take in with them, and although there are plenty of options for us now such as messenger bags and holdalls, PAUSE think that rucksacks and bag-packs are the easiest option, giving you plenty of space, as well as and freeing up your hands. There are plenty of designs out on the high street, meaning you’re not short on options.

For those days where you just don’t want to make the effort, skinny joggers when worn right are pretty acceptable to be worn at University. When your hairs a mess and you’re running late, wear a trilby, and lastly if you just want a day of comfort, look into buying a chunky knit jumper.

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