Nike Flyknit Trainer Chukka SFB ‘Sage’

By October 2, 2014Sneakers

The Flyknit lives on.



It seems hard to keep up these days with the sheer number of Flyknit models Nike release. The Flyknit’s origins in 2012, when we only had the Racer and Trainer models, seem like a distant memory. Now we have a new model of the Flyknit Chukka, the ‘SFB,’ which plants the typical Chukka upper onto a brand new rugged sole. These seem an effort to move the Flyknit away from the track somewhat, and more towards difficult terrain, as these soles are designed for optimum traction. Their tech-y appearance may also be a rebuttal to Y-3’s recent string of excellent tech sneakers. Available directly from Nike from the 9th of this month.

Words: Nathan Sharp

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