Union x Buscemi 100mm “Croc” Pack

By October 8, 2014Fashion News, Sneakers

Luxury at every step with high-end sneakers by Buscemi and Los Angeles-based retailer Union. 


Bringing a luxury flair to sneakers, Los Angeles-based retailer Union and shoe brand Buscemi has teamed up to bring us a special collection of the already signature 100mm high-top.

The 100mm high-top is fast becoming a signature design where many can instantly identify amongst a sea of other sneakers out there. This time, they have been fitted with uttery soft suede with crocodile leather used for the collar detailing for that ultimate touch of exquisite luxury.

You’ll be able to choose from two colours, one being a black one and the other a mix of brown and tan. When you’re going to go luxurious, you go all the way, thus having an 18-carat gold plated hardware for the padlock and passthroughs. Nothing seems to be able to top such an over the top sneaker, even it’s customized key is placed in a crocodile clochette, no less. This is definitely for those who appreciated the finer things in life and wants to look luxurious from head to toe.

union-x-buscemi-100mm-croc-pack-02-960x640 union-x-buscemi-100mm-croc-pack-03-960x640 union-x-buscemi-100mm-croc-pack-04-960x640

union-x-buscemi-100mm-croc-pack-05-960x640 union-x-buscemi-100mm-croc-pack-06-960x640 union-x-buscemi-100mm-croc-pack-07-960x640

Words: Ievan Darwin

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