The PAUSE AW14 Shoe Guide

The shoe says a lot about the man; they reveal whether he takes pride in the little things, if you match up the wrong pair, you’re not the detail man you need to be.

Take the right steps with the PAUSE essential guide: how to pick the pairs you need, and keeping them looking so fresh and so clean.

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casual meets formal loaferThere are numerous styles and shapes of shoes out there, but if you invest in a handful of sensible, stylish pairs and take care of them, then you’ll be set for any occasion. You just need to take that first step.

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Before we get caught up on the styling, the shape of the shoe you chose is where the detail lies. Your shoe choice needs to be streamlined to suit your wardrobe, slim silhouettes with a round contour toe; will bring a clean, stylish look to any outfit.

gandy smart

To get things started, the one shoe every man should own is a black lace-up. Effortlessly easy to suit up and even dress down, avoid elaborate detailing and go simple.

The Derby shoe is the ‘black lace-up’ that you need to be hitting up this season. The classic styling and subtle detail give the shoe a robust resilience and refined profile making it enduringly stylish.

blacked out derby

black lace ups

There is only one Derby style that will take you through the years, and that’s by purchasing a pair of Doc Martens. The Derby silhouette is the founding style of the Doc dynasty, so pick up a slim-line Derby or a classic chunkier style, with rubber sole for extra life and comfort.

doc martens derby

Suit up with a pair of tapered trousers or full suit, or tone down with slim jeans and long length layering; the Derby will carry any outfit for any occasion.

doc smart 2

burgundy derbyimage2xxl
PAUSE recommends: ASOS Brown Brogue Shoes – Click here to buy.

Keeping it British, the Chelsea boot is the other shoe-in for your wardrobe. The classic styling of the Chelsea, provides a strong blend of style and substance, being able to pull them on and off with ease.

beardy chels

The smooth lines of the Chelsea boot make it the most versatile shoe of them all. Ideal with tailored trousers or slim cut suits, the elasticised side panel of the Chelsea adds a unique, refined touch rather than a bold statement.

smart chelsea

smart chelsea boot With a little refinement, however, the Chelsea can be rocked up. Think Harry Styles, he’s been bringing the Chelsea boot in a big way. Style up with skinny jeans, biker or bomber jackets and a long-length plain tees, to create a timeless look which remains strong in the rock of ages.

haarry styles harry stylesharry styles.jpg brown chelsCeline : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015


PAUSE recommends: New Look Black Leather Chelsea Boots – Click here to buy.

The penny loafer has taken on the reputation as the statement shoe, with many designers modernising the styling to a more streamlined shape, making your feet look sleeker, longer and more stylish.

suit up loafersuit loafer

swag swag loafer streetThe penny loafer is the ideal; when you suit it up it’s formal, when you’re in knitwear and jeans, it’s casual. Penny Loafers are the classic silhouette, but the high-street influence has created sharp alternatives, through tassel, suede and fringed loafers, bringing a more sophisticated style.

smart casual tasslesmart casual loaferclassic loafertassle loafer

PAUSE recommends: Topman Black Madison Velvet Loafers – Click here to buy.

For the ultimate formal sole mate, the monk-strap still remains a strong shoe through to AW14/15.

suit monlsuit monk

Treat monks like just any other shoe. Despite being the most traditional formal shoe style, it can easily be switched up with casual, urban inspired styling, most noticeably by ASAP Rocky.

asap monk asap yea asap monk 2

Whether it is a simple single-strap or more detailed double-strap monk, showcase them. Framing is the key in to making a statement, wear them with skinny rolled jeans or a skinny-line suit which sits just above the ankle.

casual casual monk 2

check monkmonkstrap casual


PAUSE recommends: Ted Baker’s High shine monk shoes – click here to buy.

Invest in quality and it will pay off. If you buy high the quality and versatility of these timeless shoe picks will keep you one step ahead of any trend for years to come.

loafer greenmonkstrap jean causalrock chelsea

But in order to put your best foot forward, it’s important to take care of your shoes. For the best way to preserve your footwear search out Grenson’s or Brooks Brothers for the high quality bespoke shoe care out there.

shoe shiningshoe care

So now you know everything from the style and shape to the love and affection that goes in to your shoe choices, remember though, no matter who tells you otherwise, you can never have too many shoes.

tumblr_n5wqonLzN01qziwo0o1_1280 tumblr_neghtgX7d01rvfmvdo1_1280Shop similar styles below:


Words: Tom Everest

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