Nike Sportswear Air Trainer Collection

By December 11, 2014Fashion News, Sneakers

The Nike Holiday Collection, available days ahead of its release.


The Nike Sportswear Air Trainer Collection is made up of the Air Trainer [AT] family, 1, 2 and 3.  The AT1 comes in a Light Redwood, the AT3 is toned down with an earthly Pale Shale, whilst the AT2 comes in a breathtaking Mint. All three sport fully tonal premium leather upper that match the lining, laces, sole with a standout white midsole, except on the AT1. The AT1 has a fresh white mid sole, with mint flecks on an all white sole.  The AT3’s have a gum sole that matches the Pale Shale beautifully, as the AT2’s do with a matching red sole. The colours on these are breathtaking and eye-catching, all at the same time.

The AT2 and AT3’s will be released December 13th and they arrive in time for Christmas, available to purchase on The AT1 release will follow .



Words: Stephen Paul 

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