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By December 4, 2014Fashion News

Nothing like the others. 


UK brand Other has launched their new collection ‘Renegade’ which means being a rebel and that is exactly what Other is doing in the streetwear urban fashion scene; being a true rebel.

The new collection features a distinctive colour palate consisting of bold red and monochromatic black and white, making it  the three main colours for this uber cool collection. Known for their elongated silhouettes, this collection showcases what Other is best at with their relaxed fit and their play on length and proportions. The brand has also introduced distressed denim, new biker and bomber jackets as well as cool graphic all over prints consisting of stripes and geometric shapes. Other focuses on quality for its products using natural materials including cotton and nappa leather. With their attention to detail for each garment by having a mixture of chrome and tonal hardware as well as leather embossed labels, they are definitely a streetwear label not to be missed. The new ‘Renegade’ collection is also perfect for those who love the art of layering.

Check out the collection below, now available online.

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Words by: Ievan Darwin 

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