LCM: BERTHOLD Autumn/Winter 2015 Presentation

BERTHOLD takes on army desert overcoats. 


BERTHOLD presented their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, inspired by a conceptual Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas who collects and assembles everyday items made from paper such as envelopes, receipts and bags and paints – This collection speaks volumes. See more below:

Berthold AW156661-Recovered Berthold AW156690-Recovered Berthold AW156678-Recovered Berthold AW156670-Recovered
Berthold AW156693-Recovered Berthold AW156713-Recovered Berthold AW156705-Recovered Berthold AW156697-Recovered
Berthold AW156721-Recovered Berthold AW156742-Recovered Berthold AW156737-Recovered Berthold AW156729-Recovered
Berthold AW156748-Recovered Berthold AW156772-Recovered Berthold AW156762-Recovered Berthold AW156760-Recovered
Berthold AW156782-Recovered Berthold AW156785-Recovered

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