PFW: Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

The devil wears Givenchy.

Riccardo Tisci stripped the red carpet in bleeding glitter and presented a mysterious show which saw models dressed in formal attire for Autumn/Winter 2015. The collection presented a sense of spookiness but also wearable classics from the sharp pinstriped tailoring to the fully printed Aztec deconstructed coats. Unusual ghostly faces and skulls we’re seen through the show, but the collection portrayed a sense of strong elegance compared to the previous street-inspired collections from Givenchy. Riccardo took Givenchy “Back to the roots” by showcasing Gothic aesthetics like we’ve not seen before. We at PAUSE can see definitely see the fox tails coming back for Fall 2015. Peep the full collection below:

_MON0032 _MON0072 _MON0061 _MON0045
_MON0083 _MON0123 _MON0110 _MON0095
_MON0147 _MON0175 _MON0210 _MON0221
_MON0232 _MON0258 _MON0273 _MON0285
_MON0295 _MON0317 _MON0306 _MON0351
_MON0363 _MON0406 _MON0387 _MON0376
_MON0418 _MON0461 _MON0443 _MON0431
_MON0475 _MON0527 _MON0507 _MON0498
_MON0543 _MON0583 _MON0570 _MON0556
_MON0602 _MON0638 _MON0644 _MON0655
_MON0668 _MON0694 _MON0680 _MON0752
_MON0752 _MON0777 _MON0763 _MON0811

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