MFW: Roberto Cavalli Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

No bounds for the Cavalli man.


Roberto Cavalli approaches the rock theme with a rebellious flair and in the most unapologetic way possible while still rooted to his rock-n-roll dandy rich boy look. Thick furs,  dalmatian print mink, black turtlenecks, cool biker jackets and tight hip hugging pants were seen on the runway with a resounding dark tone and aesthetic. Overall it’s not about being too over the top in the Cavalli sense, but still keeping to the pure rocker attitude. Some of his pieces were seen with a black ribbon attached to it with the words EMPATHY and NO BOUNDS on it. This could be a subtle message from the designer, whose company is in the brink of sale and word on the street suggests this could be the last time he has full creative freedom before being owned. See all below:

MARC0006 MARC0046 MARC0034 MARC0020
MARC0060 MARC0110 MARC0092 MARC0079
MARC0130 MARC0176 MARC0160 MARC0142
MARC0196 MARC0245 MARC0226 MARC0209
MARC0256 MARC0303 MARC0290 MARC0277
MARC0322 MARC0364 MARC0350 MARC0336
MARC0382 MARC0429 MARC0413

MARC0440 MARC0487 MARC0471 MARC0461MARC0398
MARC0504 MARC0543 MARC0530 MARC0518
MARC0561 MARC0702 MARC0580

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