PFW: Valentino Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Valentino celebrates art.


For Autumn/Winter 2015 Creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli of Valentino collaborated with Australian artist Esther Stewart to bring her signature geometric shapes into Valentino’s beautiful fall collection. Featuring nothing more than a colleciton pouring with soft graphics, the geometric artwork is translated from the surface into the construction of clothes. Well crafted tailored garments developed onto colours which speak the season, “Stripes & geometric motifs in a color palette of pale yellow, red, blue, gray and burgundy blend in an effortless way “. See the full collection below:

VAL_0068 VAL_0124 VAL_0106 VAL_0088
VAL_0144 VAL_0202 VAL_0180 VAL_0160
VAL_0220 VAL_0274 VAL_0260 VAL_0242
VAL_0302 VAL_0352 VAL_0338 VAL_0320
VAL_0362 VAL_0434 VAL_0412 VAL_0392
VAL_0452 VAL_0510 VAL_0486 VAL_0470
VAL_0526 VAL_0590 VAL_0570 VAL_0550
VAL_0608 VAL_0666 VAL_0644 VAL_0628
VAL_0686 VAL_0750 VAL_0732 VAL_0706
VAL_0772 VAL_0824 VAL_0808 VAL_0792
VAL_0838 VAL_0892 VAL_0870 VAL_0850
VAL_0910 VAL_0964 VAL_0948 VAL_0928
VAL_0980 VAL_1028 VAL_1006 VAL_0992
VAL_1040 VAL_1142

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