The Do’s & Don’ts For Dressing For a Valentines Date

Watch the full Kanye West x adidas Originals Autumn/Winter 2015 show which revealed at New York Fashion Week:

Watch the full Kanye West x adidas Originals Autumn/Winter 2015 show which revealed at New York Fashion Week:

Dress for love.


Ariana Grande and Big Sean.

May it be celebrating another anniversary along a life well spent, embarking on the first few exciting yet tentative steps into a relationship or just ‘hanging out’ with lots of hidden romantic connotations; Valentines dinner still remains at the summits of all dinner date occasions and in and among the candle light, the smell of roses in the air and footsie under the table; dressing up appropriately for the occasion has as much to do with setting the right mood and ambiance for the occasion as anything else.


Ariana Grande and Big Sean.


1. Don’t choose an outfit at the last minute

Valentine’s date is an instrumental opportunity to make a good impression, so the last thing you want is to be dashing outside your front door looking as if you had been dressed in the dark by the Chuckle brothers. There is such a wide selection of styles, fits and colours that can be worn to give different impressions about yourself, so it is better to spend much longer than a quick fire decision on picking the right outfit.


How you should never dress.


2. Do make an effort

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first date or your hundredth; a date on valentines dissevers to be an excuse for every person to go a little further when it comes to the dressing department. Nothing says romantic more than putting in an effort in and showing someone you really want to be there. However this isn’t a call for men to run to the nearest Moss or Armani store and remortgage a house at the expensive of a new suit, but instead just think grooming, slim fit and smart casual.


Keep it simple. (I Love Ugly Spring 2015 Lookbook)


3. Don’t wear the wrong thing

Always make sure you know what type of venue you’re going to so you can calibrate your outfit to it, whether its a dinner date, think wisely. Because the last thing you want is to be walking into a place that sells oysters and quells eggs dressed  in khaki pants and an ironic tee or three piece suit with all the trimmings to Nandos. Part of the art of dressing is always being dressed suitably to your environment.


Don’t overdo it.


4. Do wear red

Remember in the mask when Cameron Diaz fixed a buckle on her shoe, then rose up to reveal a banging body with a stunning red dress perfectly hugging every contour of her body, remember also the sound of a million jaws dropping, hearts pounding and pens hurriedly signing divorce papers. Remember Kanye West at the 2010 MTV awards or Daredevil? Well that’s the power of red and by wearing it guys we can have the same impact too, because red is all about exuding sex appeal and exotic charisma. Red is a colour that demands to be worn on a valentines date because it represents the epitome of the occasion; love, romances and passion.


Don’t be afraid to experiment.



5. Don’t dress too formally

Like we mentioned before putting an effort in is great, but at the same time you don’t want to overdo the sentiment. Also you have to think that if you are dressing way out of your comfort, it might manifest itself in making you feel uncomfortable and nervous, two qualities you certainly don’t want to exude in a situation which all about being yourself and enjoying your time with someone special. So always make sure to dress in something that is not extremely out of your comfort zone and you can be comfortable in.


Be yourself.



6. Do pay attention to detail

When it comes to dressing for dates, the little details always elevate a good outfit into an incredible outfit. Some of the details that count are matching leathers; if you have wearing black or brown leather shoes make sure to wear a belt of the same shade, otherwise it would just look strange and tacky. I’ve always been a fan of men wearing jewelry and especially on a date because they can add real pops of personality, flair and individuality to your look.


How you should really dress.

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Happy Valentines Day!

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