GFW: Arts University Bournemouth 2015 Fashion Show

Here’s our favourite menswear collections from Arts University Bournemouth which showcased at Graduate Fashion Week 2015.

Photos by Dylan Myers.

Lara Gunnersdotter:

IMG_0859 IMG_0875 IMG_0870 IMG_0864

Danielle Perry:
IMG_0978 IMG_0983

Valina Rai:
IMG_1081 IMG_1097 IMG_1092 IMG_1087
IMG_1106 IMG_1115

Poppy Russell:

IMG_1369 IMG_1391 IMG_1386 IMG_1381 IMG_1376

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  • Valinda Rai says:

    hi this Valinda Rai from from arts university Bournemouth. The photos you have uploaded above are not my work. I wouldn’t want to take credit for someone else’s work.

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